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Beach-Themed Outdoor Living Decorating Ideas For Your Porch

Beach is a happy place for most people. Yet not all have the luxury of time to start their engine and drive off to that so-called paradise to unwind and destress.

Beach is a happy place for most people. Yet not all have the luxury of time to start their engine and drive off to that so-called paradise to unwind and de-stress.

Instead of wishing for an escape from reality and daydreaming of the ocean. Why not turn your porch into something that exudes beach vibes. An open porch is ideal if you want something inspired by the beach. Here are some ideas on how you can turn an ordinary porch to a beach-themed outdoor space:

Add shades of blue

Blue is said to be the color of the sea and sky. Using a blue color palette on your porch evokes a calming feeling the beach gives. Try mixing up tones, patterns, and shades. Include some blue-green tints and pale hues and throw in some white and gray to achieve a straight-out-of-the-ocean feel. In case you are not into whites, beach-inspired shades might do like light cream, sandy beige, light yellow or off-white. These colors are inspired by the sand, shells and of course, Sun.

Source it from the sea

Spending summer on a beach is a great time to collect natural decorations such as sea stars, shells, driftwood along with many others. Use them to add a more coastal feeling to your porch. Make a seashell garland and hang to adorn your window. Use the driftwood as a candle tray or a table. Get your creative juices flowing.

Dress up your porch

Put some variety of plants and flowering options in your outdoor space. Green represents life and is pleasing to the eyes giving you a much relaxing feel. There are a variety of choices for a coastal garden to fit a beach-themed porch like Elijah Blue, Cordyline Australis, Sea Lavender, Fleabane, Rosemary, And Sea Kale. With a lot of choices to choose from, pick those that would suit your theme and would thrive in any weather condition. These will give the impression that you are close to nature.

Swing, swing

One of the many things beach goers enjoy is the onshore breeze. Since you cannot always go to the beach, make good use of your old porch swing to add up to your theme. Enjoy some breeze while swinging on your outdoor space.

Choose beach-inspired designs

Carefully select decorations you are going to incorporate. Just make sure it suits and goes well with your theme. Throw in some pillows and place some rugs or fabrics with beach-inspired designs to even more add a seaside feel. Shell illustrations and some nautical designs will make a porch feel like you’re at the beach.

Simple furnishings

As an alternative to a seemingly extravagant couch, opt for a simple Adirondack chair. Made of wood and is generally used outdoors which is perfect for your beach-themed porch. It sure does feel like you are at the beach. You may paint the chair some color or leave it as is. If painting is not your thing though, just incorporate preferred colors with furniture.